Residential Pool Service:

From twice weekly, weekly, and twice monthly (exclusions apply on twice monthly) pool and spa service, which includes testing the water, sanitizer (chlorine or salt), pH, pool cleaning, brushing, vacuuming, cleaning tile and skimers, and empty out auto cleaners (liquid chlorine and acid included in service)



Commercial Pool Service:

From weekly to two or three trips per week or even five day a week service, which includes brushing or vacuuming of walls and tile; emptying of strainers; routine maintenance of filter as needed; checking and adjusting chemicals; filling of automatic chlorinators.  liquid chlorine, and acid are included in the service price for most pools.


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Residential Services:


Filter cleanings (additional fee for D.E.)

Solar winterizing or summarization 

Salt generator cleaning 



Hot tub Service:


weekly servicing


Save with addition to pool service at same address.




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